Space Cost Post 2024 Officer/Director Elections



The SAME Space Coast Post is holding its elections for the Post’s 2024 Officers and Directors. Using the slate developed by the Post Nominations Committee from nominations taken by the Post Membership, Space Coast Post Members are asked to vote by going to the following link, filling out, and submitting the ballot.

The ballot is accessible at this link.

Only SAME Members with a Space Coast Post affiliation recorded with SAME National are eligible to vote in the election.

To have an affiliation with the SAME Space Cost Post, please contact SAME National’s Membership Office at If you add an affiliation to the SAME Space Coast Post by Friday, December 15, you are eligible to vote after the affiliation is made official.

The deadline for all ballots is Friday, December 15, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Special thanks to Post Nominations Committee Chair Blair Schantz for putting together the slate of candidates.