2020 Space Coast Post Leadership



The 2020 Leadership of the Society of American Engineers Space Coast Post, including Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs of the are as follows:

      • President: Ann Heyer, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron
      • 1st Vice President: Jerry King, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron
      • 2nd Vice President: Dennis Newell, USACE
      • Treasurer: John Constantinide, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron
      • Secretary: Bre Jones, Martinez Construction Services
      • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Maryann Holt, Martinez Construction Services
      • Director of Post Programs: Vacant
      • Director of Post Development: Kyle Brown, DRMP
      • Director of Post Operations: John Jones, Martinez Construction Services
      • Professional Development & Personal Growth: Kent Boulicault, Singhofen and Associates, Inc.
      • Relationships Chair/CCTS Representative: John Jones, Martinez Construction Services
      • Leadership & Mentoring Chair: Vacant
      • Resilience┬áChair: Eric E. Cicero, Gale Associates, Inc
      • Bylaws Chair & CCTS Representative, Karl McKinster, Alpha MRC
      • Socials Chair: Laura Ruch, Prime Associates
      • Scholarship Chair: Zach Quandt, GP Strategies
      • Membership Chair: Jim Saizan, Terracon
      • Golf Chair: Roger Sevigny, Allen Engineering
      • Small Business Liaison Officer: Michelle Shoultz, Frazier Engineering
      • Awards/Streamers Chair & Young Member Representative: Jeff Dguid, Tetra Tech
      • Young Members Liaison: Vacant
      • Web Page Manager: John McGann, Sustainment & Restoration Services, LLC